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The Work In Me, LLC is a premier boutique executive search, leadership and career advisory firm. We focus on the true potential and talent you possess and take on a position as a strategic partner in carving out a career path to leadership, growth and personal achievement. With this strategy, our clients can rest assure that every open chair is an opportunity to discover the next future leader, accelerating our clients beyond the competition.



We share actionable business ideas and market intelligence with clients across a range of topics, most important, the significant and evolving skill gaps of today. Our renewed perspective on talent management and organizational strategy aids clients to outline their requirements better, before we even engage the search process of qualified candidates.



We conduct discrete evaluations of individuals, teams, and Board of Directors. Our strategic service helps senior leaders to identify skill gaps, adapt to changing business environments and plan for succession. Clients can then develop the talent management strategies that will keep them moving forward.



We offer all of our clients and candidates honest, candid and constructive feedback about how they can achieve their goals or move their careers forward. That can take the form of a structured coaching program, or less guidance. Our coaching helps people at every stage of their working lives.

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Our expertise reaches five core sectors – Professional Services, General Management and Executive Leadership, Accounting/Finance, Risk & Compliance Leadership, Technology and Operational Leadership, Human Resource Leadership.

We have an unmatched recruiting reach, with experienced recruiters that leverage their proven industry knowledge to locate and deliver top-tier active and passive candidates.




We are a results-oriented, executive advisory firm providing Leadership and Career Advisory Services. As your premier consulting and coaching services firm, we have an immediate impact with our direct delivery approach to cultivate long-term professional relationships, with both employers and candidates.

Within our Accounting/Finance/Risk & Compliance sector, one of our keys areas of career advisory is Public Accounting Career transition advice and resources for public accounting professionals.

Public Accounting, especially Big Four or at a Regional firm, is a tremendous foundation for a successful career in accounting and finance. While some make a career in public accounting, many talented public accounting professionals enhance their careers by moving into private sector accounting after gaining significant experience.


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