Our Career Development program offers a wide array of services to individuals who are coping with change. More in specific, individuals whose instincts are saying, there is more to me and what are my hidden talents? How can I utilize these talents in Corporate America? Will Corporate America understand and appreciate my talents?

We have expanded our program over time to meet and serve the needs of the individual candidates who are confused and discouraged by the ever-changing employment needs of today’s marketplace. We give guided private assistance in education and career planning, coping with work/life transitions, including career advancement, skill development, starting businesses, self employment, and entrepreneurial ventures, research and job search strategy.


Resume Writing Services

Resume Pricing

As a professional resume writing team with over two decades of experience, we have written thousands of winning resumes at all levels that land our clients’ targeted results.

Our services are completely customized to your unique needs and formatted for success. You will be asked to fill out a simple questionnaire, and we will personally discuss with you the appropriate information required to effectively sell you on paper and electronically.  Our resumes are strategic and designed to be applicant tracking responsive.

We will write a resume that will:

  • Position you as the candidate for your targeted position

  • Communicate your brand and your unique value proposition

  • Generate interest and desire

  • Ensure ease of reading

  • Frame the appropriate keywords and meta tags to optimize applicant tracking software.

  • Overcome career obstacles

  • Promote excitement about you so your target audience will want to talk to you

Pricing includes:

  • 2 page formatted professional resume

    • 1 page for Young Professional (College grad to 5 years)

    • Up to 3 pages for Executive, C-Suite and Federal (High Level)

  • Strategic Search concepts

  • Performance/Communication Coaching

  • Career Management

  • Resume Critique

  • Interview Coaching

  • Values/Goals Clarification

  • Salary Negotiations

  • Skill set/Market Value

All fees are quoted individually and are based on the scope and complexity of the project. A customized proposal including fees, services, and deliverables will be provided in writing prior to beginning your project.


  • Conduct a one on one phone interview with you to uncover pertinent details, discussing your background, accomplishments, and career goals.

  • During the process you’ll receive invaluable insight into current hiring practices, job search strategies, and insider secrets.

  • Resume proofs are provided within one week following the phone consultation.

  • We offer unlimited revision requests for the next ten days.

  • Provide additional information, tips, and tools to empower your job search.

  • You’ll learn how to plan a simple, straight forward internet job search, locate the opportunities other candidates haven’t discovered, and just as importantly, how to avoid the seemingly popular career portals that yield little to no results.


Young Professional (Recent Grad - 4 Years) - $149

Mid Career (5-8 Years) - $229

Senior Resume (8 - 15 Years/Non - Executive) - $299


Executive - $399

C-Suite - $499

Curricula Vitae - $349


Federal Government - $299

Federal Transition - High Level Military $449

Federal Transition - Enlisted $299

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Young Professional, Mid-Career or Senior Resume

Showcase your capabilities and strengths with a keyword-rich resume targeting your goals.

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Executive or C-Suite

Make your resume rise above the rest with a convincing demonstration of your accomplishments.

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Government & Military

Maximize your opportunities, or translate your history into an impressive civilian resume.


Set goals and take action Together



We will help you set goals for your career and then take action to pursue those goals. You may decide to seek further education, enhance your skills, make changes in your current job, or seek a new job. We can help you with preparing for any of these steps. Preparing for job search, planning for networking, writing your résumé, practicing and/or preparing for interviews and developing your digital footprint are all actions that we advise you on.

The critical and key areas of our Advisory Services are:

  • Career Exploration

  • Re - entering the workforce

  • Strategic Search concepts

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Performance/Communication Coaching

  • Business Etiquette

  • Career Management

  • Self Employment Risk and Options

  • Mid - Career Transition

  • Resume Critique

  • Interview Coaching

  • Values/Goals Clarification

  • Salary Negotiations

  • Image Building

  • Career Change or Re - direction

  • Skill set/Market Value

We guide you through to effectively help you reach the next level in your career.

Call us today! Your career awaits.