Our consultants design solutions tailored specifically to the staffing needs of your business. For both candidate and client, we ensure you achieve your dreams of success by bringing talent and opportunity together.

For every client, we seek to develop and maintain a value-added, mutually beneficial partnership. Our first goal is to become well acquainted with the client organization and their leadership needs. Knowing our client to the fullest extent possible is a critical step and may be the most important part of the search process. Every search is unique and every client is unique. We want to understand them, their needs, and their culture.

Next, we proactively source for candidates that meet the client’s criteria. Although we have an extensive database of potential candidates and referral sources, we conduct an original research to identify and recruit the best possible candidates for each client’s unique situation. In the majority of our search assignments, the recruited candidates are individuals who are not actively seeking to change positions. We utilize a time tested and proven search methodology; various contacts and relationships that have been cultivated, nurtured, and maintained; technology; and the collective experience of the team working on the assignment.

We thoroughly evaluate candidates using a disciplined process. We begin by evaluating potential candidates through telephone interviewing before progressing to a personal interview with viable candidates. Confidential profiles, consultant evaluations, and personality profiles on the most qualified candidates are presented to the client, allowing the Search Committee to focus its valuable time on prequalified, legitimate candidates.

We act as an advisor and partner to our client organizations as they move through the interview and selection process. By staying in close contact with the client and the candidates throughout the process, we are able to facilitate candidate feedback and help the client to move through this stage as thoroughly, efficiently, and effectively as possible. The Work In Me also checks references and assists with offer negotiations. The process, and our involvement, is about helping our clients attract the leader they desire.




Our professional services team recruit’s individuals to senior roles in accountancy, IT, Human Resources and Risk & Compliance. When a single appointment will not have the impact our client needs, we build entire teams of people.

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Our finance, risk and compliance team recruits people who combine expert technical knowledge with a commercial mindset. We find candidates who establish appropriate levels of internal control whilst having the ability to partner with the business to enable growth. Roles we frequently recruit include Chief Financial Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Financial Director, Head of Compliance and Head of Finance Change and Transformation.

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Our operations and technology team recruits people with outstanding technological and commercial skills. We select CIO and innovative CTO leaders along with senior team members within the mid- to back-office world across procurement, supply chain and operations.

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Today's people issues are becoming increasingly complex and challenging. We partner with our clients to find exceptional HR leaders who are an essential voice in the boardroom, combining real commercial understanding and HR domain expertise to positively impact culture and the bottom line.

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