You have an idea about where you want your career to go? Need some help getting there?



Having over 20 years of combined experience, we have been guiding individuals in career-related issues. We help develop the strategy and tools for you to use in developing a career plan that brings results. We provide solutions to workplace challenges, job search strategies, and work/life issues. Goal achievement sessions are tailored to your individual needs.

The Work In Me works with the candidate on an individual basis. We provide job seekers with focused targets for charting careers and uncovering their next position, partnering with you to achieve your goals and to carve out a successful career path. We are the experts at helping individuals elevate to the next transforming stage.

Our consultants enable candidates to identify their skills, strengths, interests and personal values. Armed with a focused strategy, resume, networking and transnational interviewing skills, our candidates are better qualified to target opportunities that will bring out the work in them, making the greatest and most satisfying impact.

Effective career management involves definable phases, delineated steps and identifiable benchmarks. The search project requires work and needs to be handled productively and efficiently for optimal results and to minimize a long and frustrating process. Most of us might have highly developed skills in the work place but lack the set of skills needed to market and promote ourselves as individuals.

We can help you reach your full potential and move your career into an arena you are truly passionate about. The Work In Me has been helping individuals grow, change and succeed for years. With our experience in career development, individuals have benefited from our resources and experienced staff.



We want our clients and candidates to achieve their full potential, so we’ve developed better ways to understand the “how and why” of those we work with, become who they are today. Our unique strategy and processes assess candidates from three perspectives: corporate or personal calling, life journey and desire to grow personally.

Combined with our knowledge of business trends and the changing world of work, these insights reveal candidates in a new light.

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There are many routes a person can take to reach a destination. We find candidates who are honest about the obstacles they have encountered along the journey, and how they have managed to overcome them. We can separate those with the potential to journey further from those who have taken too many shortcuts, or who have simply gotten lost.

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We find people who think big, challenge themselves and see every setback as an opportunity to learn and grow. These are candidates who don’t just accept the world as it is, they want to find a better way. They want to shape the future.



We find candidates with the potential to grow. Rising talent, who need a fresh challenge. Talent who would like to move forward by learning, growing and achieving more. Those who can deliver sustained improvements for years to come.