Established in 2007, we are a boutique executive search, leadership and career advisory firm with strong passion and experience in helping individuals successfully carve out a career path, taking their career to the next transforming stage. With our experience, guidance and pledge to excellence, our clients can rest assure that every open chair is an opportunity to discover a future leader.

Our team has over 20 years of combined experience guiding individuals in career-related issues. We help develop the strategy and tools for you to use in developing a career plan that brings results. We provide solutions to workplace challenges, job search strategies, and work/life issues. Goal achievement sessions are tailored to your individual needs. The Work In Me works with the candidate on an individual basis. We provide job seekers with focused targets for carving out careers and uncovering the true potential and talent you possess.

Our consultants enable candidates to identify their skills, strengths, interests and personal values. Armed with a focused strategy, resume, networking and transitional interviewing skills, our candidates are better qualified to target opportunities that will bring out the work in them, making the greatest and most satisfying impact.

For our clients, we offer small, medium or large-scale solutions for your staffing, leadership development and team building strategies, offering the full package. Today and looking toward the future, The Work In Me will continue this commitment and will continue to operate at the highest level of excellence in partnership with our clients and candidates.